When you hear the words Penzance, you can’t help but think of swarthy pirates roaming the docks. While it’s this ideal that draws hundreds of tourists each weekend, the reality is vastly different. Penzance is a dreamy little seaside town, complete with perfect views of the rugged English ocean and quaint cobble stoned streets.


Armed with 48 hours of free time, Penzance makes for a perfect destination to enjoy for a day or two. Being in a more central area of Cornwall, Penzance can be accessed via car, bus or train, making it a bit easier than other Cornish towns. We’d recommend visiting Penzance if you’re cruising the coast for a week or so as it’s a 3.5 hours drive from Bristol and 5.5 hours from London.  


Whichever way you’re coming from, you’ll need a nice place to unpack your things and set up base. We hit the jackpot with the Artist Residence, a cosy mix of B&B and self serviced apartments. Being just two bodies (on a budget) we opted for the small 'Arty Room' which was the perfect size to feel cosy with enough space for our backpacks. Enjoy complimentary coffee, tea and hot chocolate in room and locally sourced toiletries. We savored our tasty and complimentary cooked breakfast downstairs in the cafe.




We got straight into exploring Penzance and were truly charmed by the historic cobbled streets. Matched with rugged ocean views and surrounded by coastline, Penzance has a wild romantic feel to it which makes wandering its streets, a very enjoyable experience.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Cornwall without trying the local delicacy of Cornish pasties. Lavender’s is a very English experience, don’t be surprised if you find a dozen sweet old ladies chatting over a cuppa.The pastries weren’t bad however the atmosphere was what it was all about, there is something very special about locals interacting with each other. Pick up some tasty treats in the deli to make the trip complete.


If the weather permits waste away an afternoon wandering the streets and ducking in and out of Penzance's little shops. Head to the harbor and take some great snaps of St Michael’s Mount castle and if you have a car consider heading to some of the surrounding beaches or towns. If you are stuck in Penzance whilst it’s raining, grab a good book or a pint at the local pub.


No trip is complete without a good meal and when your bed for the night is opposite a place called Admiral Benbow ,you don’t say no. We got there on a quiet night and felt the food was fairly decent however the real talking point is the nautical themed decor, there  isn’t a space in the place you don’t want to look at.

So if you have 24 or 48 hours then Penzance is a great place to explore. Make sure you take your time and just enjoy the relaxed local pace of life.

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