We have arrived in Vietnam. Got off the plane, collected our baggage, went through customs and jumped into a taxi within the space of half an hour. This is the result of organising your tourist VISA before you arrive to save you the hassle of waiting hours on end and being subjected to a lot of cold stares. After escaping the humidity in the comfort of our cab, we were off to our guest house in the heart of Ho Chi Minh, District 1. The streets are littered with bikes, scooters and cars, all looking as though they are coming head on with you, missing each other by centre meters and horns tooting to warn one an other of their presence. Mid trip the sky filled with bright electric lightning followed by the crackling sound of thunder and heavy rain. We were in nervous laughter of disbelief at how awful the weather had turned in such a short time.


A small 180,000 VND ($10 AUD) and we were at our guest house, Duc Vuong and greeted by the super friendly, helpful and courteous staff. With the rain still drizzling we decided to brave Ho Chi Minh and find some delicious food. As we headed down a dodgy looking alley littered with guest houses and food options it poured down. Desperate for some shelter we ducked into a big western cafe and bar on the main street. The spring rolls weren’t Vietnam’s finest but the ribs were surprisingly tasty. Drained and drenched we rushed back to our hotel and decided to check out the amazing view from our hotel roof top bar.

If you’re in the area and wanting a great view without paying through the teeth head to the bar. You can get Saigon beer (18,000 VND) relatively cheap and they do some great happy hours specials (1pm-7pm). If you don’t go for the view then go purely for the bubbly, sweet and hospitable staff who are amazing. Our favourite was Jade, the Vietnamese with an English and Australian accent who drops great one liners like cheers love and enjoy mate.

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