Unsure on exactly what there was to see in Hue, we packed up our bags again and decided to just stay a few nights a see what there was on offer. With a great social aspect to our trip and some impressive architecture we has a surprisingly good time.

Getting there

We opted for our favourite bus company again, The Sinh Tourist and are happy to report it was another new, clean and comfortable bus. The bus journey is one of the easier ones you will do in Vietnam, only taking around 4.5 hours, the bus makes a stop in Danang and a few random stops picking up locals . By the time you’re all settled into your sleeping nook, you will have arrived right in the middle of it all in Hue. If you panic in high pressure situations and don’t want to deal with the masses of drivers trying to sell you a taxi ride or a hotel, then grab your stuff and head across the road to the bakery and have a snack, use their wifi and see if you can head by foot. If not, walk a bit further down the road and hail a taxi off the road.

Hue Backpackers

After a sweaty ten minute walk we made it to Hue Backpackers, where we were to stay for a few nights. The hostel rooms are basic and fairly clean with two lockers and power sockets in every bunk. The bathrooms are en-suite style which is always an interesting choice in hostels. We had two cupboard type spaces in our dorm, one was the toilet and wash basin, the second a shower. They weren’t filthy but they weren’t the cleanest we’d experienced on our travels either, showering in a cupboard with no real space to change is a challenge but we made it through unscathed. It was definitely a thong (flip flops, not your favourite g-string) wearing sort of a shower. If a bit of a renovation was to happen the rooms would be great, their best feature the balcony and lounge chairs . The main feature was the bar downstairs and the great ambience that we experienced every evening. The drink specials are decent and ever changing and the free breakfast in the morning is a huge help on the backpacking pocket. Overall a decent place to stay and one of the best places to meet like minded travelers.

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We didn’t venture and explore the city in its entirety however we spent a great day walking to the Citadel and exploring what was left of the Emperor’s palace for several hours. The structure is impressive and brings you a different side to Vietnamese culture, a refreshing change from the focus on war. It was interesting how similar the building is in both structure an history to Beijing’s Forbidden City.


In between partying and making some amazing travelling buddies we sampled some great food and even dabbled in some shopping. There wasn’t as many street food options where we were staying however there were some cheap and decent local restaurants. Our favourite option however was the Banh Mi lady that stops outside Hue Backpackers around 9pm, her name is Nha and she makes a killer Banh Mi complete with fried omelette and is full of smiles.


The rest of our time was spent drinking Huda beer and conversing with some amazing travellers. A special shout out to our new friends Jesus, Jack and Grace who we now refer to as our ‘Original Hue Crew’ and the rest of the amazing people we shared beers with such as Harry, Isaac, Nick, Gavin, Caroline, the other Kat, the Polish and French girls and all the hostel staff. Hue really wasn’t about the place for us, more the people we shared it with.



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