After our shuttle bus dropping us off at the wrong hotel, we had a quick five minute walk to Ha Van Hotel, our home for the next four nights. Situated in a quiet street, next to Trips Advisor’s #1 restaurant in Nha Trang and for approximately $25 USD per night, we decided to enjoy a few nights in comfort. Arriving at 6.30 AM, the lovely hotel staff allowed us to check in early. We decided to have a quick nap before exploring this beautiful city.

Naturally our first instinct upon waking from our slumber was to head for the beach, which we are happy to report was only a five minute walk from our hotel. With our expert road crossing skills we obtained in Saigon, crossing the six lane main road next to the beach was a breeze. With the sun gleaming on the water and the golden sand looking soft and inviting we had a bit of a walk before stopping for a snack at The Sailing Club, Nha Trang’s must go restaurant and bar.


 Although at the expensive end of the scale, The Sailing Club is still cheap for Australian standards. We shared an amazing Mezze platter which was made even better with the fantastic surroundings, day beds and great seating areas. A see and be seen at type of venue, it’s a favourite amongst Westerners.

We chose to head down the beach and hire some chairs to sit on (35,000 VND) and spent the afternoon soaking up the sun, enjoying the beautiful water and relaxing. With the occasional hawker trying to sell you things from clothes, cigarettes and the trusty old corn on the cob, we found they weren’t as persistent or annoying as those in Saigon. If you’re also wondering why half the street signs are in Russian, it’s because Nha Trang is a popular Russian holiday destination with direct flights running everyday. There are just as many Russian tourists here as there are locals. Don’t let this deter you, as their speedos are a sight for sore eyes as you lay on the beach.


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Ha Van hotel was perfectly situated to everything. With insane heat, having air con was such a luxury. Given that dorm rooms were looking at costing $10 USD it cost us about the same for a private. We enjoyed a complimentary breakfast every morning on the roof top, made it all the more tasty.

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