After another 12 hour bus ride with Sinh Tourist bus company (for approximately $12 AUD) we arrived at the next part of our journey, Hoi An. Greeted by a man bearing a sign with our name on it, we got on boared our Hotel, Sunshine Hotel’s, courtesy shuttle. At first we couldn’t believe our luck, the gentleman at reception upgraded us to their “Deluxe” room, which we are pleased to report is exceptional.  After putting down our backpacks, we went downstairs to pay. Surprisingly, we only had to pay $9 AUD for our accommodation, or so we thought. After both of us decided that the staff had made an error, we went downstairs again to be greeted by a different reception lady. Her vacant expression and dirty looks gave us the overall vibe that we were a massive inconvenience to her, not uncommon in Nam. After asking her if it was correct, she explained that we either have to pay $10 extra per night to stay in the room, or move to the “correct” room. After a clarification over a breakfast we paid for but didn’t have, a few door knocks, interrogations and inquiries and more vacant looks from the ever so delightful staff, we got to keep our room for the same price, got our $9 back and managed to sneak in a couple of hours sleep, a serious win for us both!


Our room itself was spacious, clean and had a large shower and bath and separate toilet. The bonus feature of the superior room is a balcony, a really nice feature but if you’e on a budget  the extra $10 USD a nigh might not be worth the splurge.

Upon waking from our slumber, a feed in the restaurant and dip in the pool was essential as gave us a second a chance to get past our initial impressions and enjoy the hotel. The rrestaurant made ok food, both western and Vietnamese and was fairly reasonable, although we would recommend crossing the road to Tin Tins were we grabbed a daily feed. Restaurant staff were a bit friendlier, especially after a little tip for their service.


The pool was perfect, an oasis of  deck chairs surrounding the pool with umbrellas to escape the suns potent rays. The surrounding trees with a few tables and chairs made it the perfect atmosphere to relax.

20140920_103731 (1)

Some other added gems were the complimentary push bikes for hotel guests. It will take you around ten minutes to ride into old town. If bike riding is not your thing, a shuttle bus runs into town 4 – 5 times a day and is also complimentary. We’re hoping the hotel puts a few more bus time slots in for convenience.

The hotel is located a 15-20 min walk from Old Town and is a lot easier at night when the heat cools off, the beach is about the same the opposite way. Use the free bikes to get there,not only is it easier but it gives you an authentic Vietnamese transportation experience

For 35 USD a night, the best room in the house might be stretching the budget, but this room was well worth it for the standard room price. Or if you’re travelling with a friend go twin and halve the cost.

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