How not to kill each other on holiday: A guide to surviving travelling as a couple


Have a safe word

Ok so maybe you don’t quite need a safe word, unless you’re into that, but walking into a long travelling journey with someone requires mutual respect and a lot of good communication. Having a form of communication that allows you both to stop, take a break and then re group is a great idea. Granted there will times when you’re standing in 40 degree heat, lost in a bustling city, wishing that your partner might take a break…forever, but that feeling usually passes. The most important thing to remember is one the shit storm settles you will both look at these little arguments as funny moments that helped you build even stronger foundations. Heck, have enough beers that night and you might forget it happened altogether


Laugh at yourself and each other

One of the first things we remember when we first started dating was the amazing banter we would have, everything was funny and nothing was off limits. Travelling makes you feel vulnerable sometimes, so when start throwing playful digs at each other things can escalate quickly. It’s hard to do but remembering to keep the mood light and have a laugh when things go wrong is so important. We had a few big blog outs over tiny little things such as being lost and not googling directions again. Had we spent more time just laughing over those things we could have spent more time enjoying places rather than being stressed out.

Riding Solo

When you’re on the other side of the world, it’s natural to want to share every single experience with the person you came with…right? It’s definitely important to share all the amazing things you’re seeing but it’s also a great idea to take some time apart and do some self discovery. When you’re li

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