Fact: tacos are some of the world's greatest creations. It just so happens that LA is home to some really good ones. When you're exploring the city the most authentic tastes will come from small hole in the walls. However if you're not in the mood to gamble with food truck food, Guisados is your answer. With several locations it's become somewhat of a franchise. You an be assured that each location offers great, classic, Mexican taco fillings at an affordable price. We visted the WeHo location on Santa Monica BLVD and found their 'bestselling taco tasting plate' insanely good value. Wash it down with a variety of Mexican cervezas' and you will find yourself extremely satisfied. We ate for about $13 USD for a stack of tacos and a beer.


They did the impossible and turned fast food from being tacky to completely on point. That's right it's almost like boutique burgers but for a much more reasonable price. The menu is simple and they clearly listened up when someone said "do one thing and do it well". You literally can get a hamburger, cheese burger or a variation of the two plus a few other things off their 'not-so-secret' menu. Paying tribute to the old school diner, you'll be able to get a shake and fries too. Great for when you want a cheat day meal that's seriously worth it.


If you're craving some Asian food, why not chow down at Night+Markt? With two locations, a tasty menu and reasonable pricing, there is no reason not to.  Chef Kris pays homage to his Thai background with wholesome, honest, authentic Thai dishes. As with most in-focus Asian restaurants, Kris isn't afraid to get creative and meet the food scenes needs by fusing together different influences, flavors and styles. Not everything will make your taste buds explode but the wings and Khao Soi are worthy of a mention. Go with friends and order a few dishes to share, that way you'll be able to sample more of these tasty treats.

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We stumbled across Spartina after a mammoth walk, under the blistering LA sun, whilst on a frenzied search for brunch. To be honest we walked straight past it but when our other option had a mile long line we quickly double backed. It was meant to be, as our mouths watered over the simple yet flavorful Italian combinations. Whether you want to visit for brunch or dinner, the food is legit! We opted for a parmigiana as well as the smoked salmon, both were so fresh and full of flavor. Prices aren't bottom of the barrel but they're not unreasonable either-you definitely get your money's worth. If it's a sunny day, sit outside on the impressive patio  and enjoy watching the world go by.


There is nothing worse that ruining Italian food and you can rest assured that has never happened at Pizzeria Mozza. Everything on the menu is simple, reflecting traditional Italian cooking. Expect classic things like fennel and speck to pop up on the menu, a refreshing addition. The pizza is wood-fired and the dough has just the right amount of chew and crunch. All of the flavors ordered were nothing short of amazing, we couldn't fault a thing. We shared three pizzas and a starter of bread between four people and we all left full. Save some space for dessert (we ordered two) as they're absolutely perfect. Make a reservation over the weekend as it's super popular.


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When Michael Voltaggio opens a restaurant you can be pretty sure it's going to be conceptual and pretty darn good. Ink is no exception to the rule and has plenty of Voltaggio's tell tale signatures. Using methods such as freeze drying with liquid nitrogen, it makes for a very memorable meal. Everything on the menu is an explosion of flavor and creativity. Prices aren't ridiculous but with most plates costing around $30, it's more of a special occasion kind of a meal.


You know if Real Housewives's star Lisa Vanderpump is the brains behind it then it will be a little glitzy. With European charm and impeccable decor and design, you will feel a little 'housewifey' yourself. The menu is solid with a really good variety that's not extortionate, expect to see really well done classics like pan roasted salmon, steak and potato salad and fish and chips. Vanderpump, has opted to make fine dining accessible to the masses. The Cocktail list is fresh and playful-perfect for a girls night out or unseasoned cocktail drinkers. If you prefer complex cocktails or anything with bourbon or whiskey's the menu lacks a depth of flavor, technique and variety.

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