6 Types of Uber Drivers we encountered in LA

If you ask anyone in LA the number for a can they will flat out look at you, maybe laugh and probably walk away. You clearly aren’t from this city if you don’t know about UBER, the ride share service taking the USA by storm.

In the city of sunshine, taxi drivers are practically obsolete and for good reason; with prices at least half the cost of a taxi, nicer cars and personable drivers you can’t loose. For us, UBER drivers made our journey turn from mundane to mind-blowing. Here are a few suspect characters we en counted.

Barely legal

You get your little Uber notification letting you know your car is arriving, it’s an Audi-jackpot!! As the car rolls up to the curb your smile starts to waver, the driver barely looks 18. Um?! Chances are he probably took mum and dad’s ride out for the week or many he was just one of Hollywood’s rich kids that wanted to hustle a little bit.

The story teller

Not unlike Greyhound, Uber has it’s fair share of myths and cringe worthy stories going round. We enjoyed the company of a great lady driver that let us in on a few of her bad Uber riders. One story in which an 18 year old boy sat up front and had a thigh grab was particular was extremely funny. Despite the humor it definitely was a reminder that weird things can happen when you hop into cars with strangers, at least Uber makes life fairly safe.

Silent Killer

Sometimes its nice to sit back and just let the driver take you from A┬áto B, not every moment is a conversation point. In saying that, when you sit inside a car and you try to make a little small talk a response is appreciated. Literally a twenty minute ride with nothing more than a “thanks” and “is here ok?”, so awkward.

The Complainer

Sitting in Los Angeles traffic is bad enough, but when you have to listen to someone else in your vehicle complain about the traffic, the people, the weather, the list goes on…it really┬ámakes the drive unbearable. We accidentally booked a Uber on Pool which means they can pick up other riders along the way and you share the fare but there were four of us. Instead of mentioning it before we went anywhere, this guy felt the need to make a big fuss every time the call came in for Uber pool. We didn’t have any internet and couldn’t do anything about it so we did what we could, apologize profusely. Don’t listen to these disgruntled people, or they will slowly kill the vibe of you LA experience.

The Film Buff

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