If there is one place you visit in Belgium then we'd say it has to be the medieval town of Bruges. With is ancient architecture, canals and easy accessibility, there is no reason not to visit. Check out Historium for a background on what Bruges used to be and don't waste time with public transport, walk everywhere to get the most out of this amazing city.

Just when you thought that fries couldn't get much worse for you, Canadians go and add in some gravy and cheese curds and blow your mind and calorie intake out of the water. Poutine is a Canadian favourite even though it should only be consumed as a treat. Originating in Quebec, it makes perfect sense that something so tasty, rich and with cheese came out of Canada's French provinces. Great to eat anytime but especially warming and comforting during the long winter months.

Being such a vast land mass, Canada offers some truly unique natural habitats that in turn, house some unique and magnificent animals. Coastal areas will grant you views of whales and seals swimming around in their element, while mountain sides might get your heart rate rising with bear encounters being a possible thing. Further north you may get the chance to witness more bears and even polar bears. Other special creatures include wolves, coyotes, cougars and caribou.

Perhaps one of Canada's most photographed lakes, Lake Louise is breath taking and worth the visit. Located in Alberta's Banff National Park, it is about a 2 hour drive from Calgary. With it's water coming straight from a glacier, this lake glistens turquoise during spring and summer, making it a rather unique experience. During Winter the lake and surrounding mountains are covered in snow and become a very popular ski resort.

A lot of people forget that you can visit the Niagara Falls from Canada as well as the US so if you're on the East Coast you might as well visit. The Niagara falls are made of three waterfalls which sit on the US/ Canadian border, if you're viewing the falls from Canada then you'll be looking at the Horseshoe Falls. Niagara Falls is just over 1 hour away from Toronto, it's easy to get to in a day.

No matter which side of Canada you're in you will find some great hikes and breath taking views. BC is famous for having plenty of trails that are relatively accessible and come in a variety of difficulties. Not only is it a chance to get among nature, its a really cheap and healthy way to kill a few hours. Be prepared to witness some of the best views of your life time no matter which trail you take.

Be whisked away by Salt Spring Islands charm as you explore this sustainable community. There is a real sense of self sufficiency on this island with plenty of farms producing high quality goods. Enjoy driving around and stopping by all the farm stands and pick up home grown vegetables, fresh eggs, hand squeezed apple juice and baked goods.

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