Waking in the early morning to frosty windows and a rather foggy head we decided to get among the action and head to The Markt and check out Historium, an interactive exhibit that explores the history of Bruges. A bit cautious of how touristy and generally cheesy Historium would be we had umm-ed and ahh-ed for a while but for €12.50 each we decided to go for it. Without spoiling the adventure, Historiumis an audio led journey that heads back to the 15th century, to medieval Bruges, in a romantic story of an artist’s assistant and his muse . With a mix of 3D sets, film, music and special effects it’s one of the best hours you’ll ever spend learning. It was such a great set up and was fun for 26 year olds and 6 year olds alike.

When we finally tore ourselves away from the exhibition we headed back to the square for some frittes and overloaded on mayonnaise and potatoes. It was then off to the other smaller Markt to peruse through little stores selling more Christmas goodies. We proceeded to spend the next hour wandering through cobbled streets and watching swans in the lake. There was one more thing to do before we headed back for dinner, De Halve Maan Brewery. A ten/fifteen minute walk away from The Markt is the famous Bruges brewery. It’s a well run setup at De Halve Maan Brewery with tours running every day between 11 am-4 pm hourly in English. For €8 you’ll enjoy a 45 minute tour and a beer at the end, it’s the best bargain for tourists.


It was super interesting learning about the Maes family and their beer brewing history as we wandered through the working brewery. Near the end of the tour you’ll get a chance for one of the best views of Bruges from the rooftop. With plenty of nice places that offer a great prix fixe menu, it’s a great lunch or early dinner activity.

On the way back we visited a few chocolatiers and picked up some amazing handmade chocolate. If you’re on a budget like we were then you can pick up some amazing cheap Belgian chocolate just from the local supermarket and then get some specialty pralines from chocolatiers, it’s amazing the quality you’ll get for a few euro.

With an early start to the morning and feeling a bit worse for wear we did a very boring laundry visit  followed by another meal at The Passage which was equally as amazing.


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