It would be unfair to judge any city by its cover and a few days in Paris only really covers the Title and Author. So to be fair to our readers and because travel tips is one of the greatest perks of travelling, we decided to pick the brains of some friend who did a decent stint living in Paris, to find out what really makes it tick.

Introducing Angela and Martin, an Australian couple that decided to pack their bags, learn some French and move to Paris. With a few months of language lessons behind them they braved the city of love and managed to make it a rewarding trip of a life time. Here’s why Paris always has a piece of their heart.

If you had to pick just three things that made you fall in love with Paris what would they be?

The simple things, getting lost in the beautiful streets and marveling at the architecture, the mouth watering sensation of enjoying a warm baguette…any time of the day and wasting away the hours at the morning in the middle of the street (Raspail and Bastille were our faves!)

No one likes to pick favourites when it comes to food but if you had to enjoy one last meal, where would you dine?

Probably our local Algerian restaurant if we had to choose or just a street style gallette down Rue Oberkampf.

Where is good to enjoy a drink?

La Pechoir in Bellville for sure. It’s an restaurant with an amazing rooftop bar that offers 360 degree angles of Paris, perfect for summer. Get there early though because it gets busy and lounge around in comfortable chairs and watch the city melt into the sunset.

If you had to describe the perfect Parisian date how would it go?

For romance that reflects Paris start in the morning by visiting the Eiffel Tower and getting a baguette, fromage and jambon (ham) and then sit by the Siene for a picnic with a view. Share a movie moment in the evening by grabbing some wine and sitting underneath the Eiffel tower.

Where can one escape for a moment of tranquility?

The Bellville Lookout is a great spot to switch off matched with a truly beautiful view. Otherwise enjoy a relaxing walk about the lovely Parc des Buttes Chaumont or Parc Monceau.

A huge thanks to Ange and Martin for this list of gems, we can’t wait to check them out next time. If you have some hidden Parisian secrets be sure to comment below and share with our readers.

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