Seattle has some great things to see and do, but the one that stood out for us was the EMP museum. The main reason that it makes the Wandermust list is that there truly is something for everyone. Music and movie lovers will find everything stimulating to the senses but even the history buff among you will have fun brushing up on your Hendrix history. EMP stands for experience, music, project and true to it's name, it encompasses all  of those elements.

We were lucky enough to be there during the Star Wars exhibit which made the deal so much sweeter. There are some parts of the museum that are permanent exhibitions such as the Sound Lab, however there is also a lot of temporary displays making it an exciting guess at what you'll see.


Seeing the Star Wars installation was a one of a kind experience, we were transported to a galaxy far, far away. It was a sensory overload as we saw interviews with the actors, talking about their costumes, characters and some behind the scenes secrets. All of the Star Wars costumes were out on display from each of the films including the impressive Darth Vader suit and iconic Chewie suit.

While we loved the Star Wars installation, there were plenty of other cool things worth mentioning. The Jimi Hendrix display was well worth it for the music lovers, it’s a manageable size yet is very informative. Read over some of his old letters, see old photos and of course view a guitar or two.


If you’re more into modern music icons then the Nirvana display won’t disappoint. The exhibit is filled with mixed media to tell the tale of how Kurt Cobain and his band made it into the public eye at such an impressive rate.

Prepare to battle 10 yr olds for a spot on the microphone in the sound lab. It’s 100% interactive and caters for people who are interested in all musical instruments. We jammed out in the guitar room whilst angry children glared in waiting for their turn. Most things are timed so you’ll definitely get a go if you wait your turn.


 For $22 for the normal entrance and around $27-$30 to enter both the feature and the museum, it’s insanely good value. It’s in such close proximity to the Space Needle that there is no reason not to kill two birds with one stone by seeing them together. If you have to pick one attraction just know that the EMP museum will definitely keep you entertained longer than the Needle does, so perhaps it’s better value.

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