If you’re not lucky enough to find a Use It guide then here are our five favourite factoids about acting like a local in Brugge. Listen hard and put those new-found Belgium skills to practise.

1. Use your bicycle to run over tourist. It’s what we do as well. Kamikaze bicycles are for rent all over town.

2. Always complain that Bruges is dead. There is no graffiti, no skating and there is no decent music club in the city.

3. Invite us for a beer: ‘Hoa je mee e pinte pa’n.’ Ask a local for the exact pronunciation. No one else in Belgium will understand you.

4. No more smoking in Belgian bars since July 2011! However, some bar owners allow smoking, because the fine they have to pay for customers talking on the street is higher than the fine for smoking inside.

5. Never steal a Belgian beer glass. It’s annoying, and only tourists do it.

Facts are courtesy of ‘Bruges guide’ from Use It.


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