Let's be clear that Seattle has far more than three fun places to drink. In fact it probably has three fun places you could drink, for every hour of everyday. With only one night to explore the bar scene in Seattle we had to be selective in our choices and try something for every drinking taste.


What do you get when you mix a Belltown bar with a Coney Island theme, a tonne of clown memorabilia and a stack of pin ball machines? You guessed it, you get Shorty's. We sauntered in about 2 pm and there were quite a few people hiding away and sipping down beers. We grabbed some seats at the bar and decided to try a few local beers and ciders. We ordered a few of their hot dogs which came with plenty of topping options. As we waited for our food we sat back and absorbed the insane amount of decor and clowns. If you're afraid of clowns then this really isn't the place for you.

We spent about two hours chatting away to a funny ex 'Seaman', & drinking and listening to old stories. If you'd rather play (pin)ball then head down the back and take your pick of machines. Open from 12pm-late, its a great spot for afternoon beverages.

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Bathtub Gin & Co

For a more secret and sophisticated affair, head to Bathtub Gin & Co, one of Seattle's secret speakeasy bars. The easiest way to find it is to enter from the alley off Blanchard Street in between 1st and 2nd Streets. You will see a little door with a placard with the Bar's name on it. Knock on the door and hope the venue isn't full.

The cocktail list isn't overly extensive but there are some good concoctions listed. There are a lot of acquired flavors on the list but the Lapine Blanc, St Peter's secret and the Death Star all go down well. The venue is split into the upstairs bar area and the downstairs library area.

Head there from 5-7 pm to enjoy happy hour, and it makes it even more worth the while.

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There is plenty to say about the Unicorn, however, fun, wild and like someone vomited up a carnival, spring to mind. Nestled in on the main streets of Capitol Hill, Unicorn is a happening spot for the youth of Seattle, and over the weekend it's packed to the brim full. Not quite a night club, not quite a bar, the place is great for enjoying some drinks with friends and meeting new people. Perhaps the most impressive part of the venue is it's circus themed decor. Your mind won't know where to look. With a really cool and quirky cocktail list this place is worth checking out.

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