Vancouver is well known for many things. If you’re a tourist you’ll be directed to visit several parks, bridges or beaches which would be rather nice but a real shame considering there is a world of cold, foamy beer bubbling under the surface. That’s right, the craft beer in Vancouver has made a name for itself and is showing no signs of slowing down.The best thing about this means Vancouverites have access to constant new flavours at a very close proximity to the city center.

It’s not uncommon for locals to spend the afternoon 'brewery hopping' to sample some of the latest taste creations and with many of the breweries having onsite kitchens, you can happily fill an entire afternoon. So skip the usual guide book crap and commit to an hour or two of just drinking beer and getting right into typical Van culture.

We decided to check out Red Truck Beer Company for some Friday afternoon samplings and to have some quality hangout time. Located in the hip and happening area of Mount Pleasant, it’s the perfect backdrop for this latest hipster trend. Not only is the area on trend, it’s close to the city and close to plenty more breweries.


Red Truck is actually quite decently sized, it’s big enough to have a gift shop, tours, kitchen, bar, ‘truck stop’ restaurant and patio area, making it the perfect spot for any occasion. We had just missed the brewery tour but for $12 which includes samples and a Red Truck glass, it seemed like awesome value.

The thing we love the most about BC breweries is that the beer is always reasonably priced and there is always a chance to do the sampler paddle option which usually gives you the chance to try 3-4 different beers. We opted for this so that we could test the waters; what can we say, committing to just one beer doesn’t feel natural. The offerings for the day were the Flat Tire Fresh Hop, Red Truck IPA, Red Truck Red Pilsner, their Blackberry Bourbon Ale and of course, the famous Red Truck Lager.

If you’re going to drink beer then you had better be ready to mop up all those bubbles with something a little greasy. We did chili fries and boy were they worth it! Super tasty meat, sauce and fries, the perfect accompaniment to our beers.

Without boring you with the individual notes of each of our beers, we will say that they all brought fresh, solid flavours to the table. The Blackberry Bourbon was especially tasty and the IPA was surprisingly smooth and easy to drink.

So follow the hipster crowds and take yourself on a brewery crawl, make it a trendsetter overload and head there for brunch as well. Beers, brunch..Boom!


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