If you’re headed to British Columbia then chances are you will be headed to the mountain at some point. Whistler Blackcomb is extremely popular among tourists and locals alike and with so much to do it’s obvious as to why. The best thing is you’ll have plenty to do no matter which season you head there.

Located about two hours from Vancouver City Center, Whistler village can be accessed by the impressive Sea-To-Sky Highway via car, bus or even hitch hiking. If you don’t have access to a car then check out Epic Rides bus company, they do $35 return trips to Whistler which is exceptionally good value and convenient.

When you arrive you’ll be enchanted by the beautiful design of the village and its surrounding areas. It’s a big village with plenty of accommodation options and some big brand shops to keep you entertained with. There isn’t a souvenir that you won’t find and there are plenty of food options too. As Australians, we were amused with how much of the village is populated by Aussies working and living on the mountain, it’s a good visit if you’re feeling homesick.


In the Spring and Summer seasons, the Peak2Peak attraction is in the full swing and well worth the rather expensive price tag. You’ll head up one side of the mountain in an enclosed ski life and then go from Whistle Village’s giant mountain peak across to the Blackcomb’s equally as big peak. Hanging suspended in a little glass box can be terrifying but when you literally have 360 degrees of some of BC’s most impressive and expansive scenery your fears will subside. We recommend taking the extra little lift and hike on Whistler Village side for some impressive views and to see some first nation prayer statues. It’s a bit surreal going from somewhat mild and sunny weather to snow on the utmost peaks but it’s worth every minute.

Whistler 6

If you’re feeling a little stressed you can enjoy two of Whistler’s best attractions in one combo package. Scandinave Spa offers a pass to their baths and pools as well as a Peak2Peak pass for a very reasonable price tag (around $100). Is there anything cooler than seeing the views of Whistler from the top of the mountain? Maybe seeing it from a steamy hot thermal bath.

Summer brings plenty of hiking, camping and exploring opportunities. There are some really easy and safe trails close to the village and some more challenging routes on both mountains. Be bear safe as there are some bears around Whistler and closer to the villages if you’re afraid.


Obviously Whistler offers all of the snow sports such as skiing, snowboarded and snowshoeing in Winter. If you don’t have the time, skills or money for these activities don’t fear, you can take part in tobogganing or just walk around the trails. It’s safe to say you will still feel part of it all throwing back a few drinks during the day.

There are plenty of food and drink options in Whistler, everything from the exclusive Araxis to the $5 meals at The El Furniture Warehouse. During Summer Whistler hosts several food and drinking festivals including the tasty ribs festival. Whether you’re going fine dining or el cheapo, make sure you finish it all off at the famous Pure Bread bakery. Pure Bread was so popular in Whistler they brought it Vancouver’s CBD and for good reason, your sweet and savory bakery dreams will all come to life. Decadently sweet cakes, slices and bars will try and steal your attention from the wholesome, flavorsome savory baked goods. Prices are fairly well priced considering how good the quality is.


So no matter what the season or what you’re interested in doing, Whistler really has it all. Make sure you pop it on your BC Bucket List and witness some of the beautiful natural landscape that British Columbia is famous for. Totally accessible for every traveler and plenty of budget friendly options, there is no excuse not to check it out.


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