If there is one place you visit in Belgium then we'd say it has to be the medieval town of Bruges. With is ancient architecture, canals and easy accessibility, there is no reason not to visit. Check out Historium for a background on what Bruges used to be and don't waste time with public transport, walk everywhere to get the most out of this amazing city.

De Halvemaan Brewery is a Bruge favourite...obviously! We opted to tour the Brewery and learn about the beer making processes of the Brewery as well as the history of the family an the importance of beer culture in Belgium. We ended the tour with a sample of beer and a snack in their restaurant area, it would also be a great spot to have lunch. One of the highlights of the tour was the impressive view of Belgium you get from their roof, it's worth the climb to the top.

If you haven't heard about Belgian chocolate then you've obviously lived under a rock your whole life. Why is the chocolate so good in Belgium? Well you'll just have try a few and see for yourself. Belgium was famous for the invention of praline, a delicious, soft and fluffy that's popular all around the world. With some a long history with chocolate, the Belgian's have been able to perfect the art of making it so that we can perfect the art of eating it.

Rather than the usual (and popular) bar crawl, we challenge you to try something a bit different and take advantage of the rich history of Belgium's architecture by seeing as many cathedrals as possible. There are the famous ones in every big city but there are also quite a few smaller ones worth checking out. If you're not big on judging a book by it's cover then head inside and see beautiful art work, moldings and trimmings and furniture. Even if you're not religious, you will feel a sense of spirituality in these old structures.

We kept this one open ended because hey, we don't like to play food favourites and in a country like Belgium it's hard to pick just one outstanding dish. Street food is both popular and delicious in Belgium and their two most well known dishes are easy to come by. Try fresh waffles and scalding hot friets to make the experience complete. Other tasty things were the huge array of bratwursts and winter will mean that mulled wine is ready for the drinking.

Belgium has some great traditional sights and then a few not so conventional museums which makes it a great place for everyone. Bruges has the Frietmuseum where you can learn all things potatoes. Brussels has the famous Musical Instruments museum with over 8000 instruments on display as well as the Comic Strip Center. For some great interactive history then Historium is the place to visit in Bruges. If you're after something a bit more traditional then don't worry, they have all the fine art and photography spots too but why not try something a little different.

Well, maybe not all of it but at least try as much as you can without feeling ill. Belgium is world famous for the innovative beer brewering as well as having the biggest amount of different brews for a single country. It might be damn-near-impossible to get to them all but try a different one every time you're out and you should get through a decent amount. Tasting paddles are a great way of getting a taste of lots of different brews and are good for sharing a light drinkers. Note that a lot of beers will have a different glass specifically created to drink that beer from.

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