It seems to go without saying but there is no way you can visit Paris without making a stop to the Eiffel Tower and why would you want to miss seeing such an architectural delight? The Eiffel Tower is what most people associate France with and witnessing it with your own eyes is an amazing travel moment. View it for free by wander the garden area or pay a little extra and climb up and get a birds eye view.

There is no better way to understand a culture and its people than by observing them in their natural habitat. France is a great place to do this as sitting and having coffee, a meal or wine is such an integral part of each day. The French even have their seating formatted around the idea of people watching, with chairs facing outwards at the front of cafes. Sit back, enjoy a wine and watch.

Churches and religion don't need to be your thing to appreciate the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral. This medieval structure draws hundreds of people to it every day. While the outside architecture is impressive, it's what's inside that truly counts. The decorative stained glass windows and sculptures are break taking and showcase the power of French Gothic architecture. Take your time to find peace and beauty within Notre Dames walls.

Salvador Dali might be a Spanish National Treasure but like all good art, the French like to have a share. Nestled away in Montmarte, Espace Dalí can be a little trick to find but it's well worth the visit. For €11.50, or €8 if you're under the age of 26, you will get the chance to view a mix of Dali's works. The permanent collection includes a mix of paintings,sculptures and other graphic works.

The Grand Mosque might not accessible to everyone as it is a functioning place of worship. By luck of the draw we got to visit as the friend we were with spoke Arabic so we were allowed into the mosque and through the gardens. If you aren't able to wander around then at least grab a mint tea and some tasty middle eastern pastries at the adjoining cafe. With a beautiful garden area covered with shady trees, you could easily spend a few hours here.

Arguably the best view in Paris, Sacre Coeur is a great place to visit if only for the view at the top. The Basillica was built in 1914 by the Catholic Church and offers fantastic views of Paris that include the Eiffel Tower. The walk up is easy paced and should be accessible to most travelers. Catch the subway to Funiculaire and then follow the crowds.

For such a small painting, The Mona Lisa certainly gets a big amount of attention. Leonardo Da Vinci's most popular painting is located at The Louvre, Paris and one of the world's most visited pieces of artwork. Having being owned by Louis XIV and Napoleon, the artwork has long been an important part of history. With an estimated value of US$782 million it's no wonder that it currently lives behind bulletproof glass. Visit it later in the evening when the crowds thing and you'll get yourself a good selfie.

The Palace of Versailles has housed royalty since 1623, and seen many a reigning King. Louis XIII first built Versailles as a hunting lodge. It's come a long way from it's original brick and stone state, with decadent trimmings and expansive gardens, Versailles truly reeks of royalty. It wasn't until October 1789 that the royal family were forced to leave the grounds and more back to the Capital, Paris. Versailles is an easy day trip from Paris and

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