China Town is exactly as the name suggests, a section where the cultural theme depicts Chinese heritage, buildings, food and culture. China Town in Singapore not only offers these fantastic perks that the Chinese have to offer but also gives you the Chinese Heritage Centre, giving a background of Chinese settlement in Singapore.

A short trip on the MRT from our Hostel brought us to China Town Point. Be impressed with the over sized advertising screens as you walk out on the street as well as the colourful decorations along the roadside. Walking through the ‘five foot lanes’ through variety of shops and restaurants you will no doubt be bombarded with a vast array of trinkets and souvenirs at discount prices.

The Chinese Heritage Center is located on Pagoda Street and only a short walk from China Town Point and hosts a world of stories, artifacts and facts about the Chinese migration to Singapore giving valuable insight into the struggles and then later the triumphs of the Chinese people. If you’re a history fan or general museum buff then have a peak at the stories of cramped shared housing, opium dens and hawker markets.


Moving away from the main area of Pagoda street, there are plenty of dining options including the ever popular Chinese Food Street which is located on Smith Street Littered with food choices for a few dollars there is something for every taste bud or requirement. Not the best street food we’ve had but still a great budget option for a clean, quick bite. For a more authentic experience hit up Maxwell Street where there is a mere 50 stalls worth of options.

Chinatown in short is great place to explore, be amazed, pick up cheap food and cheap shopping with a sense of hustle and bustle still echoing from the days the Chinese migrated to Singapore in hopes of a bright future filled with prosperity, not unlike us vagabonds.


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