Why you must visit the Singapore Zoo

Much has been said about the Singapore Zoo but after so many awful eye-opening experiences with the treatment of animals in Asia, we were apprehensive to see what Singapore would offer.

Thanks to a generous gift from work colleagues, we were able to explore both the Zoo and the Safari. Entrance is normally $28 SGD each for Zoo entry and $64 SGD for Zoo and Night Safari entry, so it’s not on everyone’s travelling budget however if you’re on the fence, just do it. Aside from being the most uplifting zoo we’ve ever seen (coming from Melbourne that’s saying something) it is a whole days activity and will keep you entertained for hours. Passes can easily be purchased on line from the Singapore Zoo website. The compound also has a Bird Park, Night Safari and River Safari.

Now, onto the fun stuff. Singapore Zoo is situated in the middle of an amazing natural park land. It feels as if you have been transported into your own tropical paradise only a short trip out of the CBD. Which brings us to getting there without hiccup.

We opted to catch public transport there, taking less than an hour from Little India and costing something ridiculously economic like $3 return, it is by far the most practical option. Simply jump on the North South Line (Red line) and head towards Jurong East, alighting (getting off) at Ang Mo Kio. From here we existed the train part of the station and headed towards the bus exit C. This takes you to where the Bus 138 leaves, simply swipe your EZ card, jump on and the bus takes you to the main entrance, the Zoo is the last stop. Alternatively there are other options to getting there, but we found this the easiest.

On arrival you simply walk up to the counter, present your ticket or purchase one at the gate there and you’re in. A map is also given to you of the Zoo which we found to be a valuable resource. Not only does it give you direction but gives you the times they feed the animals and other various shows.

The Zoo has many impressive animal to go and visit, some of our favourites sights were:

“Omar” the White tiger: Omar enjoyed the most amazing tropical jungle island area, something straight out of ‘The Jungle Book’, free to roam, swim and nap. There was nothing inhumane of cruel about this majestic creatures enclosure.

Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia: cheeky monkeys went for a run, leap and procreate which led to some protest and scuffles. The baboon enclosure was straight out of Africa with the most amazing man made valley. The baboons who were the leader of the pack or wanting to mate showcased the reddest, most bulbous booties.

“Inuka” the Polar Bear: Inuka means “Silent Stalker”. Inuka was the first polar Bear in the world to be bread in a tropical climate, standing at 3.5 meters tall and weighing half a ton.

Hanging with the Orangutans: In a world first, Singapore has gone and made a free range, tree top environment for their red headed mischief makers to hang out in. Totally amazing and as close to the real thing as possible, the apes enjoy swinging around from branches, ropes and platforms. So alike to us humans, it was amusing to observe.


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