There is a reason that millions of people keep coming back to London every year, it really has everything you could want. From plenty of amazing (and free) galleries for the culture vultures and far too many great restaurants for our foodie friends. London is made up of a web of different neighborhoods each with their own great things to see and do. Check out the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and the Museum of Natural History to name a few.

The Lakes District region is one of England's prettiest and picturesque places to visit. Expect to let your jaw drop as you find yourself surrounded by never ending hills painted in brilliant shades of green. They impressive hills can only be out done by the glistening lakes that gave the area it's name. Witness the charm of Windermere and Grasmere, two of the Lakes District's prettiest towns..

The town of Chester was founded as a Roman fortress in the 1st century and it s a great spot to stop past. While the well preserved walls still exist, Chester is more commonly photographed for it's iconic Tudor style buildings. The Rows are Chester's shopping district and the experience is unique as you enter modern shops in such historic buildings.

The town of Bath is world famous for its Roman baths and natural hot springs. Enjoy walking around and taking in the 18th-century Georgian architecture as you're transported back to another time. Learn all about the history of the Roman Baths at the museum which is located at the baths original site.

Borough market is one of London's prime food destinations and if you're into food then you need to check it out. Completely free to walk around and taunt your tastebuds, the market's main business is selling ready made meals such as Paella, burgers and plenty of baked goods. There is also plenty of fresh produce and goodies to take home with you. Most of the food is reasonably priced by London standards, considering the quality.

It doesn't matter what you order, all that matters is that you order something. The English pub is a firm favourite and nothing brings together people more than a meal and a few pints. A traditional Sunday roast at the pub whilst watching the EPL game is a fond English past time. Whatever you order make sure it's something traditionally English.

The English are mad about football and what better way to experience all the frenzy than to head to a game. If you don't have a team then pick one, we'd recommend choosing the home side, and sit back at enjoy the excitement of the crowd. Movies have been made about football violence so stay out of trouble and for your own good, don't call it soccer.

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