The Singapore Zoo is a very special zoo and unique to the rest of the world. It is so special that it has been rated the most beautiful zoo in the world due to its natural rain forest surroundings. The animals are housed in habitats rather than small confined spaces and this gives a very realistic idea of what they do in their natural environment.

The Chinatown Heritage Center is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon learning about Chinese immigration to Singapore. The Center is located in the heart of Chinatown and offers plenty of interactive and stimulating exhibits to help visitors understand the struggles of migration. There are plenty of sets built to replicate the living conditions, work spaces and entertainment venues from the past.

Hawkers markets are an integral part of Singaporean life and are a tantalizing treat for tourists. There is nothing better than having numerous fast, cheap and tasty food options to choose from. Newton Circus has it all and is a firm favourite with locals and tourists alike. Make sure you check out a few dishes from each style cuisine.

Going to a romantic dinner only gets more intimate at Nox. Nox is a dine in the dark experience which is exactly as it sounds, dining in pitch black. With the help of vision impaired waitstaff you'll enjoy three mystery courses and be left to guess what it was you just ate. It's a tremendously humbling experience and without everyday distractions, it will really help you connect with your companion.

Marina Bay Sands is an impressive and iconic structure and if you're anywhere near the waterfront, it can't be missed. If you're interested in checking out a world class view, head to the bar at the top of the hotel for a drink and to take it all in. Try and walk on the Helix Bridge on the way, it's a fantastic display of design and technology.

We know its doubling up but we think the Night Safari at Singapore Zoo is work checking out. Viewing animals in the evening is a very unique experience, allowing you rare access to see nocturnal animals. The tour allows you to have a hop on, hop off experience, as well the chance to walk around and see various enclosures.

Raffles Hotel was the birth place of the globally loved Singapore Sling cocktail. While it might be a little pricey, it's definitely a cool experience to sit at the bar where the drink was created. Enjoy your drink as you marvel at the architecture of the hotel and the surround grounds it stands on.

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