Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you arrive in Manhattan. Imagine every film and tv show you've watched, come to live in front of you. When walking the streets of NYC, it feels likes the skyscrapers will never end and neither will each street block. Wear comfortable shows because the city is big and there is a lot of great things to see. Rockereller Center, Empire State Building, Central Park, the list goes on.

One of Washington DC's coolest attractions is the Smithsonian Exhibit, a cluster of museums and research centers that are the largest in the world. Even better than exploring the 19 museums and 9 research centers, is the fact that they're free. There is literally something for everyone with museums from African American history to Air and Space travel.

If you like all things hip and trendy, then Portland is your city. Often made fun of for being full of hipsters, Portland offers far more than the eye meets. With an impressive brewery scene and plenty of art and culture popping up on every corner, there is no reason not to visit. Portland also has an impressive exotic dance scene too.

It doesn't matter what age you are, Disneyland will always take your breath away. There is something that fills you with youth as you rush from ride to ride, lining up for a stomach churning ride or to meet one of your favourite characters. Disneyland is worth every cent and will easily fill up a whole day.

Sin City is a magical place, an adult mecca, a wicked affair. You'll have your senses overload as you try to take in all the casinos, attractions and billboards, ludicrously flashing at you. Make sure you step away from the Strip at some point to explore the Downtown area and Freemont St. Downtown will offer a less crowded and a whole lot more classy experience to your stay.

If you make it to Arizona then you need to make it to the Grand Canyon. Endless views of some of Mother Nature's best creation will have you blown away. At 277 miles long and 18 miles wide, there is a lot of the canyon to see, space it out and spend a night camping at the Grand Canyon Village. If you're time poor then you could always splash out and view the canyon in a helicopter.

Hawaii is a peaceful place and whether you opt for a resort or an island hut, you will still feel the relaxed vibe. Hawaian lifestyle is the way life is meant to be, calm, happy and relaxing. Hire a car and spend the day exploring island life. Make sure you stop at the roadside food vans that cook up all sorts of fresh seafood and tasty treats.

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