Laduree's macarons

This one is for all of the sweet tooths out there. Laduree is a world famous name in macaron<
making and their flagship store in Paris, draws long lines. The story of Laduree begins in 1862 when Louis Ernest Laduree purchased a bakery, only two doors down from where Laduree now stands. There is nothing but artistic expression in Laduree’s macarons, chocolates and home goods. No matter what you choose, you will be transported into a world of Parisian decadence.


Street side crepes

Everything you associated with Paris will come to life when you purchase some tasty street side crepes. There is something very romantic about ordering these delicate pancakes straight off the sidewalk. Just when you thought pancakes couldn’t get much better, the French make them paper thin. Indulge in some tasty toppings or just go for the simple sugar sprinkling, there really are no bad choices. For the most authentic experience and price, try to buy away from heavy tourist areas.


Visit a fancy cheese shop

The French are famous for their fromage (cheese) and Parisians are happy to buy nothing but the best produce. Cheese shops are highly regarded and it’s only fitting that Paris has some world famous ones. Laurent Dubois is considered one of the best, (awarded with a Meilleur Ouvrier de France) and the crowds are happy to line up. Quatre Homme is also another favourite.

If Cheese shops are a little too posh for your liking, head to the local produce market or grocery store. You will still be able to walk about with a delicious wheel of cheese for €3-6.


Ordering baked goods from the Boulangerie

Is there anything more French or perhaps Parisian, than ordering fresh baked goods from the local Boulangerie bakery. Probably not. Although it’s rare to see people biking with baguettes in their baskets, it’s very common to see people carrying fresh bread, eating crusty baguettes and having their coffee with flaky croissants.

Bread is part of French culture and Paris has a tasty bakery on nearly every corner. There is nothing quite like a French croissant – a must try. Devour savoury baguettes filled with meat and salad for an affordable lunch.

Remember: it’s polite to greet shop staff as soon as you walk in. A simple Bonjour will suffice.


Enjoy drinks on a cafe’s patio

One of the best things in French culture, is the way that they’ve taken people-watching to a very practical level. Most street side cafes will have patio space in front of the establishment, with tables and chairs facing out to the street. This slight tweak on decor makes sipping on coffee or wine an even more enjoyable experience.

Feel free to just sit back and watch, with a friend or solo. It will give you a glimpse of daily Parisian life.



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