Frida Khalo Museum

Frida Khalo, one of Mexico’s most celebrated artists, is as close to a National treasure as you’ll get. Having the opportunity to wander through her childhood home is a must for culture and art enthusiasts. Enjoy learning about Khalo’s ability to overcome her tragic illnesses and how she poured her emotions into her artwork. Her studio is still set up exactly as she left it to help visitors envision what her daily life was like.

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 Visit the Old centre

Mexico City’s historic center is a must for all culture orientated travelers. There isn’t much you can’t see, do or taste in this beautifully ornate area. Being one of the main areas for museums and churches, you could easily spend a day ducking in and out of these historic buildings. We recommend trying some of the street front shops for authentic Mexican cuisine. Mexico City is famous (among Mexicans) for their excellent range and quality of tacos. You can expect to pay about 10 pesos per taco, a fraction of what you’ll pay in restaurants.

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Take a Spanish lesson

While you can organize lessons prior to your holiday, there is nothing greater than to converse in the local language. With many of Mexico City’s working class speaking little to no English, you’ll be glad for the basics. Don’t cut into too much of your precious exploring time and opt for a half day course or the popular combination which includes a walking tour.

Eat tacos

It is common knowledge in Mexico that the best tacos can be found in Mexico City. While you’re in Mexico City make sure you make the most of this and taste as many amazing varieties as possible. Street tacos normally cost 10-15 pesos per taco and small restaurants will normally be about 50-75 for three tacos. Be brave and try street tacos at least once, there is nothing quite like sharing a meal with locals. If your Spanish is rough, make a cheat sheet to avoid eating any mystery meat.

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Go to museums on Sundays

If you’re willing to brave the crowds full of Mexican tourists, Sunday is the day for museums and galleries. For most attractions there is no charge to visit on a Sunday, making it a budget friendly option for money conscious travelers. It’s well worth the wait and will save you a good portion of your budget if you play it right. Just remember to bring your passport with you if you’re visiting any Government buildings, it is often required to gain entry.

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Chapultepec Castle

There is plenty to see and do at Chapultepec Park but one of the highlights is visiting Castillo de Chapultepec. The castle has been beautifully restored and each room demonstrates the kind of opulence you’d only expect from Mexico’s elite. Most of the signage is written in English and the history of the castle is very interesting. You will find plenty of beautiful photo opportunities and if the pollution is low, a great view of the city. Be prepared for a bit of an uphill walk to reach the castle.

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 Take a food tour

If you want a little more than just a few street tacos, head on one of Mexico’s walking street food tours. There is no better way to discover a range of local delicacies than with the help of a local guide. Often starting with a visit to markets where fresh produce can be sourced, you’ll get a feel for the whole production of Mexican cuisine. As with any walking tour, you’ll get plenty of inside information and the chance to ask questions along the way.

Wander around Roma Norte

One of Mexico City’s hottest young neighbourhoods, Roma Norte is making big waves. There are ample restaurants and bars, all littered with twenty-somethings keen to see and be seen. If you’re after some cosmopolitan nightlife then you’re in the right place. Try a few different bars and follow the crowds of locals. Alternatively, the neighbourhood is equally as lovely (and interesting) during the day.

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    1. Is it worse that we ate dog in China voluntarily?? Eepp. We recommend take 3-5 days in Mexico City en-route to some of Mexico City’s other amazing cities. Definitely don’t avoid it though, make it happen!

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