Yoga Gear

Vancouver is the home to cult active-wear line, Lululemon, so it makes sense that nearly everyone owns one of their items. Even if you don’t own Lulu's, invest in some form of active wear, to blend in. With a yoga studio on every corner, everyone embraces sports gear. It’s totally acceptable to wear active wear as your everyday outfit and to socialise-Vancouver really is relaxed AF.

Waterproof Jacket

Considering it rains most of the year, investing in a waterproof jacket is a no brainer. In October this year, it rained approx. 28 out of 31 days, making it a rather soggy experience. Invest in a good lightweight design that can be taken with you everywhere. Choose a colour you're happy to wear all year round.

Hiking Shoes

Sure, your inner fashionista might die a little, but hiking boots are all the rage in Vancouver. British Columbia boasts some serious natural beauty and there is no shortage of hiking opportunities to keep you entertained. If you’re planning to explore, we recommend investing in a pair of hiking shoes or boots. If you stay in Vancouver long enough, you’ll eventually come to terms with wearing them in public which means extra value for money.

Whistler 6


Backpacks really do come in handy when you live in Vancouver. Perhaps it’s the large amount of transit you’ll use, or the constant opportunity for adventuring. Either way you will find your backpack invaluable. If you’re already cringing at the idea, opt for something fashionable and versatile such as Hershel, or Canadian brand, Matt and Nat. If you have no backpack shame, consider investing in all the bells and whistles. To be most practical, consider something waterproof and appropriate for hiking.

Recycling Knowledge


To preserve their beautiful natural landscape, Vancouverites take environmental issues seriously. One enviro-friendly method they’re very open to is recycling. There are about 5 different recycling bins so make sure you’re reading any available signage correctly. Gone are the waste and recycling options. Instead, you’ll have the choice of paper, plastic, organic and general waste. Cans, bottles and jars are hot commodities and you can get money back when you return them. Many take out restaurants will have diagrams as to what goes in which bin. It seems high maintenance but it’s a small price to pay to keep the environment looking good.


Carrying an umbrella when you’re in Vancouver is a no brainer. It rains in this fair city, a lot. It doesn’t matter if it’s Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, Vancouver’s weather does not discriminate and you’ll receive a healthy down pour in every season. We’d recommend getting a durable yet compact variety for everyday use, that way you can keep it in your backpack or bag for emergencies. For those (real)torrential downpours, invest in a big umbrella that’s meant to survive gail force winds and rain coming from every direction.


This is a term you will hear Canadians throw around as you stare at them blankly. A toque is a Canadian term for a beanie or a woollen hat without a bauble. Apparently when it has a bauble it’s a beanie. We’re yet to come across any other country that calls it this, it’s definitely a Canadianism. Yes, it’s confusing however don’t let that deter you from getting one. These are great to protect you from all weather conditions and let’s not forget, they’re instant fashion accessories. If you think you’re heading to the mountains during winter, get a thermal one, it’s worth every cent.

Waterproof shoes

If the aforementioned hiking boots are not your thing, then at least do yourself a favour & buy one solid pair of waterproof shoes. It doesn’t matter if they’re not Hunter’s or Timberlands, just any good pair of waterproof shoes that will help get you through. There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination and having wet shoes, wet socks and freezing cold feet. Many areas in Vancouver don’t drain well and your walk to work may suddenly turn into an Arctic expedition.




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