Ask the phone number for a cab from anyone in L.A., and you’re going to get some looks, clearly you aren’t from this city.

US locals are die hard Uber fans and use the rideshare service daily to get from A to B. In the city of sunshine, taxi drivers are practically obsolete, and for good reason; Uber prices are at least half the cost of a taxi, the cars are nicer and Uber drivers

Most UBER drivers turned our journeys from potentially mundane, to mind-blowing experiences, as we were given inside travel tips and local history lessons along the way. A few drivers however left us with raised eyebrows. Not every experience was great, and below, we recall a few suspect characters we encountered:

Barely legal

We receive our Uber notification our car is arriving - an Audi - jackpot!! As the car rolls up to the curb, our smiles start to waiver - the driver barely looks 18. Um?! Chances are he probably took mum and dad’s ride out for the week, or maybe he isjust one of Hollywood’s rich kids who wanted to hustle a little bit. Either way, we got there in one piece (and in style).

The story teller

Not unlike Greyhound, Uber has it’s fair share of myths and cringeworthy stories circulating. One lady driver whose company we enjoyed, told us about an 18 year old male rider who sat up front with an Uber driver and received a thigh grab! It was extremely funny (you had to be there). Despite the humour it reminded us that weird things can happen when travelling with strangers. However, Uber makes commuting fairly safe.

Silent Killer

Ok, I admit, sometimes it is nice to sit back and be driven from A to B, without constant conversation. However, in saying that, a response is appreciated when you try to make small talk. One twenty minute ride we took, the driver offered nothing more than a "thanks" and "Is here ok?", & left us feeling quite awkward. One of the best things about Uber drivers is the friendly service which should include polite conversation.

The Complainer

Sitting in Los Angeles traffic is bad enough, but when you have to listen to someone else in your vehicle complain about the traffic, the people, the weather, (the list goes on), it makes the drive unbearable. We accidentally booked an Uber on Pool which means other riders can be picked up along the way and you share the fare. However there were already four passengers.This driver felt the need to make a big fuss every time the call for Uber Pool came in. Without the internet, we could only apologize profusely.

Ignore these disgruntled people, or they will slowly kill the vibe of your LA experience.

The Film Buff

Yup, a city like LA is bound to have a few film crazy fans in it. We weren’t quite clear if our driver wanted to make it in the industry but he definitely had endless film facts up his sleeve. Yes, absolutely endless. We were taken on a rather comprehensive journey through Hollywood’s greatest cinematic moments. It would of have been great to get this guy on a drive through Downtown Hollywood. A tour guide and an Uber driver, winning!

A real LA local

In peak hour LA traffic, it's a long drive to Disneyland. However, with our driver it was lightning quick. He was 100% LA, baby, , with a great & positive attitude sharing excellent insider tips and knowledge. We arrived at our destination with some understanding of the L.A. locals' way of life. Fingers crossed, your experiences are just as good.

Got a great Uber story to share? We want to hear about it!


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  1. This was funny to read! My experience with Uber really depends on my mood. Sometimes I just want to ride in silence all the way through but I also don’t mind a little conversation. But sometimes, the driver will ask some pretty personal questions and I end up just making something up! Haha
    Great post !

  2. I live in probably the only major North American city without Uber (Vancouver) so I’m completely obsessed with it when I visit cities with Uber. Most of my drivers have been funny/interesting/nice too. The most memorable one was in Seattle, where I had the cutest older man who was really concerned with us enjoying the music (he just played mainstream radio but asked us if it was ok), then we asked him to put on the music that he wanted and he put on country! It was really unexpected haha. I had some other funny drivers in LA too.

    1. That is so beautiful! We lived in Canada and found the lack of Uber completely frustrating. So great that you had a lovely experience.

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