Written by Katja Pollard

True to fashion (excuse the pun), I was definitely not the first person to witness the Christian Dior exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Having been on show since August 27th, there have been plenty of opportunities for art, fashion, textile and pop culture enthusiasts to get a glimpse into the fashion house’s collection. One would assume that by early October, things would have slowed down a bit. As I quickly discovered, after navigating my way through a tour group, the House of Dior exhibition is showing no signs of slowing down, and for good reason.

The House of Dior gives gallery visitors a rare window into Christian Dior’s household label, Dior. The exhibition has been carefully thought out, encompassing a good amount of Dior’s personal history, iconic pieces and the textile process.

Transcend into fashion heaven as you are thrown into a midst of art and design. The show includes the famous Miss Dior dress, worn by Natalie Portman for the popular fragrance campaign, as well as other notable pieces made famous by celebrities.

One of the highlights is the ‘haute couture’ hall, set up like a catwalk and showcasing some of Dior’s most bold looks. It is easy to see why Dior has become a household name in the fashion world; each of their designs is the perfect point of elegance colliding with cutting edge design.

Although $28 may raise a few eyebrows, it really is worth every dollar. You will need between 1.5-2 hours set aside to see the exhibit, more if you want to read and take photos.


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