It was all a dream..

Well, kind of …. more an overwhelming realization we were getting older and there were far
too many world destinations we had not explored.

We are Kat and Conno, an Australian couple who wanted to wander the world – vagabonds in mentality, regular backpackers in reality.

While we cannot say we sold all our possessions, we spent time saving, planning and learning to speak the language of work visa applications. What else are nearly-30- year-olds meant to do? Getting a mortgage, becoming engaged/married and starting a family sounded far too grown up for us. So, like all free souls, we did the only thing we could – we ran!


Actually, we flew, after purchasing plane tickets to Asia and applying for Canadian work permits! These steps evolved into a world travel mission, continuing to this day. We hope our search for freedom, and our explorations, inspire you to do the same, whether it’s a weekend adventure or a life-changing move across the globe. Don’t stand still – start running towards the life that was meant to be yours!



“I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like the people or hate them than to travel with them."

– Mark Twain

Stories, shared experiences, good wine & food, not so good wine & food, books, travel, music, photography, art, & fashion; these are a few of our favorite things. For the most part there isn't much about life that isn't one of our favorite things. Exploration through travel felt like the natural solution to people whose biggest problem is wanting to see and understand more about the world. One of us tells stories through his/her fingers, the other makes photography dreams happen however we wont' say who. We'd never blog and tell.

Want to know how we survived traveling together for 6 months? Secrets out.

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