Delve into Vietnam's rich cultural tapestry of food, war and Communism

Once you get past the intensely aggressive traffic and the often abrupt attitude of locals, Vietnam has a lot to offer. There is a huge difference of opinion among travelers when it comes to Vietnam and many travelers somewhat hate the experience. Granted there are those that enjoy it but with a 5% return rate there is definitely something about this Asian gem that doesn't sparkle.

Head to each destination with an open mind and a willingness to truly savor everything you encounter. We broke through our 1st world mentality after many a long, grueling overnight bus trip and rewarded ourselves thoroughly with many new friendships and experiences shared. Perhaps the biggest highlight is the food, Vietnam will make your mouth melt with it's bold and fresh flavors. Be sure to sample everything and try each province's local dish. Street food will be your budget savior and will far surpass most "Vietnamese" food you've had in Western restaurants.

Love it or hate it, we'll let you decide


“All you touch and all you see,is all your life will ever be.”

– Pink Floyd